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An adaptable quick connection system for the marine energy sector.

Wave Energy Scotland Funded

Q-Connect Technology

The Q-Connect is a modular and adaptable Quick Connection System (QCS) for the rapid and safe connection and disconnection of moorings and electrical cables to marine renewable devices, in a single operation. 


Q-Connect enables renewable devices to be quickly and easily removed and installed onsite - faciliting off-site maintenance and inspection, and risk-managed at sea testing.


The Q-Connect has been supported by funding from Wave Energy Scotland under their Quick Connection Systems development programme. 

The development process included input from leading sub-contractors: EMEC, SMD, AWS Ocean Energy, Mocean Energy and Inyanga Maritime.

As part of this programme, Q-Connect recently completed qualification testing. Want to know more?...

Designed from Experience

Floating Wind

Quoceant are adapting Q-Connect for use in the floating wind sector. This includes an upscaled mooring connector, suitable for floating wind foundations and a separate design which incorporates uprated electrical connectors for high-voltage cable connection.

We would like to hear from floating wind developers, connector supplies and other interested parties. 

Quoceant has developed the Q-Connect on the back of years of experience with connection and disconnection of the Pelamis wave energy machine. As Quoceant, the company have successfully worked on marine connection projects for leaders in the wave and tidal energy sector, including delivery of two connection system to Minesto.

Patent pending: UK Patent Application No. 2202837.7’

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