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Numerical Modelling and Simulation

Modelling and simulation are crucial part of all stages of design. Quoceant engineers have have extensive understanding of the usefulness and limitations of different modelling approaches which has been built over many years of validating designs through testing and real-world operation.

Our modelling capability includes:

  • Dynamic analysis of marine structures, moorings, subsea cabling, and marine operations.

  • Structural analysis including ultimate loading, accidental loading, fatigue life, wear, and operational loading.

  • Operations and maintenance (O&M) system effectiveness modelling.

  • Lifecycle and Cost of Energy modelling.

  • Control Algorithm development.

 Quoceant have expertise in the following software: 

  • Finite Element Analysis - Abaqus, SolidWorks (COSMOS)

  • Complex Hydrodynamic Modelling & Analysis - OrcaFlex

  • General Analysis and Bespoke Modelling - Mathcad, MatLab & SimuLink, Excel (Visual Basic)

Example Projects:


Client: Tension Technology International

O&M Modelling

The work included; story boarding, estimation of weather waiting, availability analysis and costing of deployment and removal operation.

Tank analysis.png

Client: Edinburgh Designs Limited

Wave Basin Design

Quoceant carried out design analysis for a large wave basin. Work included structural analysis using FE methods and fluid-structure interaction simulation.

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OrcaFlex picture.webp

Client: Various

OrcaFlex Modelling

OrcaFlex modelling for a range of marine energy clients and technologies. This includes modelling the interaction of moorings, power take-off and umbilical designs in operation and during temporary phases.

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