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Power Take-Off and Control

We have world-leading expertise in the control of marine energy systems and in power take-off development. The Quoceant team has in-depth knowledge and experience of hydraulic and electrical power take-off systems, particularly in their design, commissioning, and construction.

Control is an area of fundamental importance to any wave energy device, yet it is often overlooked or misunderstood by technology developers. At Quoceant we have world leading expertise in the field of control and have authored the control landscaping report for Wave Energy Scotland. 

Example Projects:


Client: Marine Power Systems

Preliminary PTO Design

Quoceant supported MPS in the preliminary design of their power take-off for the DualSub and WaveSub concepts.

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Client: Wave Energy Scotland

Control Landscaping Report

Quoceant were lead author of the WES commissioned 'Control Requirements for Wave Energy Converters Landscaping Study'.

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Quantor DD pump-motor.jpg

Client: Artemis Intelligent Power (now Danfoss)

Quantor - PTO Development

In partnership with AIP, Quoceant have developed the 'Quantor' system. Quantor is a novel hydraulic power take-off systems. The development was funded by WES.

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