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Offshore Operations Planning & Strategy

The planning and executing of marine operations is critical to the economic viability of any offshore project.  Developing the optimal strategy for operations and maintenance, one that is coherent and properly cost-engineered, is essential, and can make the difference to the commercial viability of a project.  It is therefore imperative that effecitve strategies are developed early in the project such that methods and equipment can be properly considered throughout the process both to reduce the cost of site work and protect the safety of personnel and the environment.


The marine environment can be a hostile place.  Quoceant have much experience and insight into this and understand the challenges that are faced when trying to plan and execute marine operations . Members of the Quoceant team have previously been involved in the planning, modelling and execution of a number of offshore operations and team members have developed computer models to help assess the benefits of different O&M strategies. These models show how relatively small capital investments can transform project economics. We would be delighted to work with clients to develop appropriate models, optimise and review O&M strategies, plan individual offshore operations and/or develop associated equipment.  Please give us a call to discuss your project.

..Or feel free to browse our projects section to find out more about the some of the projects and experience that the Quoceant team have been invoved with.

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