Engineering Design

The Quoceant team have a wealth of experience in engineering design from initial concept development through to the production of fully detailed designs for systems and components of all sizes. We have expertise in mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical engineering and extensive knowledge of creating fully integrated solutions across multiple disciplines. We are happy to discuss any engineering problems you might have, be it small or large.  Whether you would like help optimising a current design or developing a completely new solution, please get in touch.


Some of the more specific integrated solutions that we have worked on are listed below.


  • Integrated bearing & sealing systems;

  • Mooring and electrical connection systems;

  • Hydraulic Power Take-Off (PTO) systems;

  • Complex system instrumentation & control;

  • Subsea cable management systems;

  • Adjustable buoyancy systems;

  • Marinised, remote-controlled, hydraulic power packs;

  • Redundant communication systems;

  • Integrated test rig solutions;

  • Safe access and maintenance structures.


Please have a read of our case studies for more information on the projects mentioned.

..Or feel free to browse our projects section to find out more about the some of the projects and experience that the Quoceant team have been invoved with.