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Technology Innovation

Our background as technology developers in the marine renewables sector has historically led us to develop many innovative solutions to complex technical problems, often within very tight timescales and budgets.  This proven capability and experience can now be harnessed to optimise your projects and develop efficient solutions to the challenges faced.  We have engineering expertise across multiple disciplines including structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and control.  This combination of expertise enables the efficient and cost effective development of integrated solutions on projects of any size.


Prototyping and test rigs are a vital part of any technology development programme, providing valuable information on the functionality, suitability, durability, and reliability of a component or system.  Not only can the Quoceant team help develop innovative solutions for novel applications, we can also fulfil all aspects of test rig design and construction, tailoring the test rig, controller and data capture solutions to your specifications.  We can undertake individual aspects of the test program or provide a complete solution to suit your requirements.


Problem solving, concept engineering and the feasibility assessment of ideas are core skills of the Quoceant team, please give us a call to discuss your project and how we can help.

..Or feel free to browse our projects section to find out more about the some of the projects and experience that the Quoceant team have been invoved with.

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