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Technology Innovation 

We are specialists in technology innovation. Now an independent engineering consultancy, the Quoceant team came from a background in device development with the founding team having a background in developing the Pelamis Wave Energy converter. This history in technology development has given us a rare combination of real-world operational experience and knowledge which we now use to develop innovative solutions to complex technical problems, often with very tight timescales and budgets.

Prototyping and qualification testing are a vital part of any technology development programme, providing valuable information on functionality, suitability, durability and reliability of a component or system. We have experience in design, build and operation of test rigs, undertaking tank testing, commissioning of components and systems and designing and undertaking qualification programmes.

Example Projects:


Client: Wave Energy Scotland

Quick Connection System

Quoceant are developing an adaptable marine quick connection system which is now undergoing full scale qualification testing.

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Quantor DD pump-motor_edited.jpg

Client: Artemis Intelligent Power (now Danfoss)

Power Take-Off Innovation

Quoceant worked with AIP to develop an innovative, hydraulic power take off system. Including design and build of a state-of-the-art test rig for qualification. 

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Client: Wave Energy Scotland

Tank Testing of Novel Systems

Quoceant designed an novel inflatable hull system for use on a marine energy system. The concept was built at model scale and tested by Quoceant in the Edinburgh FloWave tank.

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