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Celebrating Quoceant's 9th Birthday

9th birthday balloon floating over body of water

Quoceant has recently marked its 9th year in the industry! Here we look back on our achievements in a year which saw our team grow as we expanded the business in sectors such as floating wind and energy storage.

We are proud of the inspiring projects we have had a chance to work together on this year. This includes innovative projects, such as for SynchroStor on their Long Duration Energy Storage (LODES) project, our analysis of the hydrodynamics of long tethers for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) in deep water for 3D at depth, as well as our contract with EMEC to develop a design basis to guide onward development of their Floating Subsystem Test Platform (FSTP). We additionally began work for Carnegie Clean Energy as part of their EuropeWave 3 project.

We continue to work with our long-standing clients Ocean Winds on the Moray West Offshore Wind project, and are providing Marine Power Systems with input regarding platform design and offshore installation systems for their 'PelaFlex' platform. For more information on these and more, our projects page can provide additional details: Projects.

We were also delighted to welcome two new members to the Quoceant team this year, further enriching our talented workforce. Our research engineer Leigh Baxter joined us to help with operations and maintenance modelling of Q-Connect, Quoceant's marine quick connection system for use with floating offshore wind technology as she works towards achieving an Engineering Doctorate through the EPSRC Industrial Centre for Doctoral Training in Offshore Renewable Energy. Not long after we welcomed mechanical engineer Sam Steer to the team, who joined us to work across renewable energy projects for fixed offshore wind and wave clients. More information regarding Leigh, Sam, and the rest of the team can be found on our meet the team page: Team. We also welcome two mechanical engineering placement students; Callum and Krzysztof.

Our sincere thanks go out to all our clients, project partners, and project funders for making the past 9 years incredibly fulfilling. Here's to the next 9 years of exciting opportunities and achievements!


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