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Happy 7th Birthday to Quoceant

Quoceant turned 7 years old this week! A big milestone for the business and also a chance to quickly look back at some of the projects and clients we worked for over the years.

A selection of cupcakes with the Quoceant logo and number 7

Quoceant was started in 2015 by a team who had all previously worked together at Pelamis Wave Power. The aim was establish a new engineering consultancy which allowed us to use our in-depth experience from the Pelamis project and apply it, not just to wave power, but across the marine renewable sector and beyond. Fast forward to 2022 and while wave energy remains a core and valued part of our expertise we have succeeded in branching out across the marine space.

In the past seven years we've had the opportunity to work on projects including power take-off development, design support for offshore wind, subsea connection systems for both wave & tidal machines (fixed and floating), through to design of large wave tanks and marinas for luxury super yachts! Our work has varied from concept design and early stage 'red team' review right through to detailed design, build supervision and commissioning. Our projects page gives a summary of some of these projects: Projects | quoceant.

Our current work continues to be a mix which includes engineering consultancy for leading clients in wave, tidal and wind, and the development of our own products for supporting the marine sector. Thanks to all our clients, project partners and project funders who have have made the past 7 years so interesting and here's to the next 7!

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss any potential projects -

(Cupcakes were delicious and are from Edinburgh based Mango and Pippin)


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