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Marine Power Systems appoint Quoceant to design job

Quoceant have been awarded a contract to support Marine Power Systems in the design of their wave energy converter. The appointment follows completion, by Quoceant, of a preliminary design for the power take off system.

Marine Power Systems are developing a flexible floating platform technology that can be configured to harness wind and wave energy either as a combined solution or on their own in deep water.

Graham Foster, CTO at Marine Power Systems commented, “We are really looking forward to continuing our close working relationship with the team at Quoceant to deliver what will be a huge milestone for Marine Power Systems and our mission to unlock the power of oceans. As we embark on this next important phase for the business, we are continuing to build a best-in-class team here at Marine Power Systems. Our partners and suppliers are very much part of that vision, and we are thrilled to have the first-class team at Quoceant on board.”

Ross Henderson, Project Lead at Quoceant commented, “We are delighted to support Marine Power Systems in this next stage of their development. Quoceant’s growing team of engineers thrive on creating new and enabling technologies and we are proud of our track record across the wave, tidal and offshore wind sectors. We look forward to applying this experience and continuing a great working relationship with the Marine Power Systems team.”


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