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RenewableUK Wave and Tidal 2017

We are looking forward to taking part in RenewableUK's Wave and Tidal 2017 conference on the 23rd of February in London. Wave and Tidal 2017 will showcase the sectors innovation and achievement and will bring together industry and political stakeholders.

Quoceant will be presenting in two of the sessions:

Beth Dickens, "Plug & Play”: Rapid Installation and Removal Systems for Lower LCoE' - Safe and cost effective maintenance, repair, and monitoring of offshore structures is challenging. This is especially pertinent to wave and tidal where; Deployment locations are very unforgiving and finance is tight. Early stage technology requires regular inspection, collection of data is key, and failures of devices can have big consequences. Experience from deployments has shown that the ability to easily deploy and recover devices enables these hurdles to be overcome. This presentation will draw on a range of experiences to outline the rational to adopting this approach and give case studies of the innovative technology being developed to enable it.

Richard Yemm, UK Supply Chain – Learning from Experience to Focus on Long-Term Comparative Advantages. - Marine renewables represent a major opportunity for the UK Maritime Economy through both diversification from current contracting markets and exploitation of new world-leading innovation. However, we must focus on areas where we can demonstrate and sustain a clear cost and quality advantage over alternative sources. Experience with building, deploying and operating six full-scale machines in Orkney and Portugal gives the Quoceant team a deep understanding of the UK supply chain’s current strengths and weaknesses. This talk will examine where and how we can best exploit our current comparative advantages and identify areas where we should seek to create new ones.

If you would like to meet with Beth or Richard at the event please get in touch at to arrange.


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