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A Material Gain for Wave Energy

Quoceant win funding for Structural Materials and Manufacturing Process project from Wave Energy Scotland.

A team led by Quoceant has been selected as one of ten successful projects to receive funding from Wave Energy Scotland (WES) under their Innovation call targeting the development of alternative materials and manufacturing processes for use in the wave energy sector. Quoceant's project will focus on the use of advanced concrete engineering for wave energy converters and will be undertaken with partners University of Dundee and consortium members, Black and Veatch, Innosea and David Kerr Engineering.

Jon Benzie, Project Lead for Quoceant, said: “Concrete is fundamentally well suited to wave energy applications, however, many wave energy designs are demanding for conventional concrete approaches due to high point loads, the requirement to remain water tight, and the potential impacts of salt water on conventional reinforcement materials. This project will investigate new concrete technologies and manufacturing processes to overcome these challenges and provide a lower cost for wave energy converters.”

Rod Jones, University of Dundee said: “The expertise at Dundee will allow a wide overview of concrete as a possible construction material for wave energy devices. With capabilities ranging from material science through to scale structural testing, we will examine the feasibility and influence of sustainable materials as well as novel manufacturing processes which can feed into cost benefit models. In addition, we will be looking at best practice in both the UK and Europe to ensure all innovative solutions are examined.”

Further details on the call and awards is available on Wave Energy Scotland's website.


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