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Energising and Enthusing - my trip to Marine Renewables Canada 2016

The buzz in the room at the Marine Renewables Canada annual conference earlier this month greatly energising and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. From government officials and policy makers, to supplier, developers and research engineers there was a wealth of experience to tap into and a host of connections to be made.

Canada has massive marine renewable energy resources and it was immediately clear that the country, and especially Nova Scotia, is making significant strides forward in the marine renewables industry. Supportive policies, shared infrastructure, and strategic research initiatives provide a solid foundation for the industry to develop, and over the past few years, develop it has.

Quoceant are enthusiastic and motivated participants in this developing industry in Canada. Last year, we won a contract with Black Rock Tidal Power to conduct third party review of their TRITON platform. It was great to meet up face-to-face with the BRTP team again last week and be updated on progress. I also got the opportunity to visit the Fundy Ocean Energy Research Centre (FORCE) after the conference on the Saturday – a trip made even more exciting because Cape Sharp Tidal were out on the water and starting the installation process for their tidal turbine. A turbine that is now generating electricity into Nova Scotia’s grid.

The potential of Canada’s marine renewables industry is clear and it's exciting to be part of it. Following my trip, Quoceant are delighted to become members of Marine Renewables Canada.

Beth Dickens

Beth is a Senior Engineering Consultant at Quoceant and specialises in offshore engineering, operations and performance modelling. She is a chartered engineer with over 15 years experience working in marine renewables.


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