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Advanced Power Take-Off for the marine environment.

Quantor Technology

Quantor is a novel hydraulic power take-off system which includes 'quantised chamber-switching'. Quantised systems are very efficient and able to deal economically with very high instantaneous power levels whilst generating electricity at steady mean powers. Quantor was developed in partnership with Artemis Intelligent Power (now Danfoss) and is based on the PTO system proven in the Pelamis system coupled with Danfoss's Digital Displacement technology.


The fundamental Quantor concept is both scalable and adaptable to many different applications including challenging controlled force and motion applications in the offshore sector

Development Process

Quantor has been demonstrated in a unique laboratory test-rig. The specially designed rig emulated the wave excitation and dynamics of a Wave Energy Converter. Tests of real systems allowed the control algorithms and hydraulic hardware to be refined and for detailed numerical models to be validated.

A report on the development process including qualification testing is available through Wave Energy Scotland's knowledge exchange library.

Quantor DD pump-motor.jpg

Wave Energy Scotland Funded

The Quantor project was supported by funding from Wave Energy Scotland under their novel power take-off systems programme. 


Quantor is a highly innovative systems which offers continuously variable control of loads.

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