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Third Party Review and Due Diligence

A Third Party Review or due diligence process provides confidence to project stakeholders, may be a prerequisite for insurance, and can provide credibility to emerging or novel technologies.  The role of either is to provide independent, experience based expert commentary, professional opinion and advise about the intended project.  Quoceant have been involved in a number of third party review processes and can offer a risk based review focused on identifying key technical and project risks such that these risks can be mitigated before issues arise; embarking on such a process can be a daunting prospect for any organisation with limited or stretched resources.  It is our experience, however, that this investment saves both time and money and lays the foundation for technology qualification as required for the certification of future projects. 


Quoceant would be happy to be involved in review processes of all sizes, from small-scale, low-cost reviews of specific components, to wide-reaching reviews of full devices.  Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss the process in more detail.

Example Projects:


Client: Black Rock Tidal Energy

Third Party Review

The scope of our work included technical review of the platform, maintenance methods, and systems, subsea connection, survey work and reported seabed conditions.

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Client: ScotRenewables (now Orbital)

Fluid Power Systems Review

Quoceant carried out a review of the fluid power systems of the first-generation tidal machine including recommended design modifications and review of proposed commissioning procedures.

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Client: Various

Review and Evaluation

Quoceant have supported many clients including, private, governmental and funding bodies to give third party assessments of a range of technical and LCoE information relating to marine energy projects.

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