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Quoceant partner with Artemis Intelligent Power in innovative project to provide improved Power Take

Quoceant and Artemis Intelligent Power have been successful in winning a contract from Wave Energy Scotland (WES) in their call for Power Take-Off projects. The collaborative project will integrate Artemis Digital Displacement® technology into the state of the art Power Take-off system that was previously demonstrated in the Pelamis wave energy converter by the Quoceant team. The new hybrid system will offer 4-quadrant power transmission across a very wide range of powers far more efficiently and cost effectively than would be possible with a conventional fluid power transmission, while still allowing continuous and highly responsive control of the load as required for optimal control of wave energy converters. Ross Henderson, project lead at Quoceant, said: “We are excited to collaborate with world leaders Artemis Intelligent Power at the cutting edge of fluid power technology. By working together, this highly ambitious project could create a new class of highly controllable, high-power, high-load, and high-efficiency transmission with the potential for application in wave energy and beyond.”

Image courtesy of Artemis Intelligent Power.

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